Our Team


Team Overview: 


Dr. Guangyu Wang is an Associate Dean and Professor, and Director of the Asian Forest Research Centre (AFRC) at the University of British Columbia. His research focused on sustainable forest management and integrated watershed management by using GIS and computer modeling. He has worked intensively in national park development in the USA, Canada, and China, while he has published several peer-review papers on national park development. During 1993-1997, he served as Director for Fuzhou National Park, one of the top ten national forest parks in China during that time. He is an Adjunct Professor for four major forestry universities in Mainland China and an honorable professor at National Taiwan Normal University. He also worked at the US Forest Services, Pacific Northwest Regional Office and the World Forestry Institute. Dr. Wang served as a technical leader for 36 key forestry projects and received seven National Science and Technology Progress Achievement Awards.


Research Project Manager

Kalifi Ferretti-Gallon (MSc University of British Columbia, 2018) holds a Master of Science degree in Resources, Environment, and Sustainability from the University of British Columbia. Ms. Ferretti-Gallon’s work includes identifying drivers of landscape change, evaluating forest loss data, assessing countries’ individual climate commitments, and tracking their contribution to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. The scope of her work is international, focusing on global tropical forest areas, as well as climate commitments and protected area management in both developing and developed countries. As a Masters student at UBC, her work earned her an NSERC scholarship. Before moving to Canada, Ms. Ferretti-Gallon worked as a research assistant at Conservation International and later at a think tank (Center for Global Development) in Washington, D.C, where her work on tropical forests was featured in The Economist. She is currently working on protected area management, the promotion of sustainable forests, and land degradation.



Our Experts

Dr. Yves Tiberghien is the Director of the Institute of Asian Research at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Executive Director of the UBC China Council, and Associate Professor of Political Science. In 2014-2016, Dr. Tiberghien also served as Co-director of the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA), which he founded as Chair of the UBC Public Policy Curriculum Committee in 2014. Dr. Tiberghien is a Senior Fellow at the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada. He specializes in East Asian comparative political economy, international political economy, and global economic and environmental governance, with an empirical focus on China, Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia. Dr. Tiberghien focuses on the ongoing transition in the global economic and environmental order, in the face of new systemic risks, a changing balance of power, and the rise of populist political forces. He is leading an international team on the Paris Agreement on climate change and has intensive experience in natural resource and conservation research in North America.


Dr. Chris Weston is a research and teaching academic in the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne (UOM) in Victoria, Australia. Dr. Weston is a Senior Lecturer in forest ecology in the School of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences. He has a Bachelor of Science (Honours Botany) and a PhD in forest ecology. His research and teaching over 26 years has afforded him the opportunity to view and work in forest parks and reserves in Australia and New Zealand, with his research focused mainly on the impacts of management on forest systems. His research experience includes the investigation of long-term recovery of forest stands following wildfire, risks in conservation management, the sustainability of managed forest soils, and climate change impacts on forests.


Dr. Anil Shrestha is a teaching and research academic in the Asian Forest Research Centre at the University of British Columbia. He has more than 10 years of working experience in conservation science, wildlife and PA management from Nepal, China, Canada, Norway, South Africa and the Netherlands. His key area of research focused on landscape level conservation of keystone species and ecosystems through establishing network of protected PAs to understand complex socio-ecological aspects of conservation and sustainable development. Before coming to Canada, he worked as a Senior Researcher at WWF, Nepal where his main responsibility was to conduct research on the ecology of snow leopards, their prey species and habitats using camera traps, GPS collaring and non-invasive genetics. He also pioneered the “Living with Tigers project”, in collaboration with Chester Zoo, UK and funding from the Darwin Initiative, which aims to reduce tiger human conflict in protected areas of lowland Nepal. He is also member of the world commission on protected areas (WCPA) of the IUCN.


Key Research Scientists: 

Dr. John Innes,

Dean and Professor

National Park Research Center

Faculty of Forestry,

University of British Columbia


Dr. Anil Shrestha,

Research Scientist

National Park Research Center

Faculty of Forestry,

University of British Columbia


Dr. Tongli Wang

Associate Professor

National Park Research Center

Faculty of Forestry,

University of British Columbia


Dr. Wanli Wu

Ph.D. in Ecology and Natural Resources Management

Certified Environmental Professional (EP) of Canada

Ecosystem Scientist of Parks Canada Agency


Dr. Yongyuan Yin,

Adjunct Professor (Emeritus)

Adaptation and Impacts Research Group

Environment Canada


Dr. Jun Yang


Department of Earth System Science,

Tsinghua University


Dr. Hoang Van Sam,

Associate Professor

Centre of Biodiversity,

Vietnam National University of Forestry


Mr. Li Dihua

Associate Professor

College of Architecture and Landscape,

Peking University